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Eliz cares about our nature and sustainability, one of our definition out of sustainability has been defined by this product. 

We came up with ELIZ'S Cooler Picnic Backpack, you will have all you need inside the backpack, you won't need to use disposable cutlery for your picnic or adventure any more, Caring about our future of planet is one of our goals,  

Our backpack is a great choice for your adventure and outdoor recreation. This fancy and classic backpack with "Cowboy" hand painted design is made out of Artificial leather (Animal free leather) and waterproof fabric. It's included all cutlery such as knives, forks, spoons, plates. Beside; there is a waterproof detachable rug which is rolled on one side of the backpack and the other side, there is a safe detachable holder for any heavy drinks like your bottle of wine! This back pack is suitable for 2 adults and can be the best gift for any person or event!